Popularly known as the white desert festival, Rann Utsav celebrates the culture, ethnicity, and beauty of Gujarat, Rann Utsav is a yearly ceremony that comes as a package of cultural celebrations. The Rann Utsav 2021 dates are from 1st November 2021 to 22nd February 2022. Aside from escapades like living in the tent city or enjoying camel rides, there’s quite a lot to explore in and around Rann Utsav. What started as a 3-day festival back in 2005, is now a 3-month gala where people from all over the country come to witness the natural phenomenon of a full moon sighting over a vast stretch of white sand which happens to be the main highlight of this festival. Since the fun fiesta has already begun, we give you 5 scenic experiences that make the Rann Utsav 2021-2022 a must visit for everyone –


Stay in the tent city

For a one-of-a-kind experience stop at the Tent City in Dhordo and witness the warm hospitality accompanied with good facilities for tourists. The tent city also offers yoga lessons and a chance to immerse in the culture of Kutch along with entertainment activities organized at the cultural activity area.


Catch the grandeur of White Rann by sunset

During winters it gets chilly out in the white desert, you can go on a camel ride or sit by the warm campfire and revel in some local instrumental music as you relax. So, you get to spend cool nights under the moonlit sky by the soothing bonfire with your friends and companions wishing you could just freeze this moment in time; one-of-a-kind and must try.


Gujarati folk music and dance

The traditional Kutchi dance is a pleasant sight to watch, you may even want to shake a leg with the Gujarati dancers who are all dressed up in ethnic wear for their performance. Be a part of this tribal folklore where music meets dance on the gentle white sand which creates an iconic vibe for you to cherish. 


Shopping in Bhuj

Located not too far from Dhordo, is the historical town Bhuj which is home to many shopping markets for you to explore! Meet the craftsmen who design these apparels with intricate Khadi work, block print and colourful embroidery work. Visit the Bhuj Haat market for traditional jewellery or the Old city market for impressive handicrafts with brilliant colour combinations. The Bhujodi Art Village that is popular for Kutchi Shawls is about 86kms away from the tent city.


Trip to Mandvi Beach

Take aesthetic pictures at the wonderful Mandvi seashore as you enjoy a beautiful sunset. Mandvi beach is located about 140km away from the Tent City in Kutch. Spend a relaxing time by the beach with your family surrounded by enchanting white sand and if you have extra time at hand, engage in beach activities and watersports!

Along with these, you can also visit the nearest Kalo Dungar or Vijay Vilas Palace that is approx. 150km south from the tent city and mayb e the well-known Statue of Unity which is around 620km away; some of these are farther away from the Dhordo but do check them out if you have spare time on your vacation! So, what are you waiting for? book your spots at Rann Utsav and welcome the new year with your family!