Why Kids Love London

Publish Date: 12th September 2019

This giant Ferris wheel beside the River Thamesdelivers stunning 360-degree views of Londonincluding the Houses of Parliament and BuckinghamPalace. The wheel goes around slowly, taking 30minutes to complete the circle, so itÄŹĹĽËťs not scary unlessyou have a real fear of heights. Passengers ride in air-conditionedand heated glass pods that fit 25 people,with interactive screens to help you spot the majorlandmarks.

Harry PotterÄŹĹĽËťs London

Harry Potter fans can find plenty of magicalexperiences in London. You could start by visitingPlatform 9 3/4 at KingÄŹĹĽËťs Cross railway station. Here youÄŹĹĽËťll find a photographer and a staff member whoÄŹĹĽËťllwrap little wizards in the scarf of their favouriteHogwarts house and help the family get the bestphotos. ItÄŹĹĽËťs free ÄŹĹĽËť unless you want to buy a photo atthe end.

In Leavesden, 20 miles north of London, you can visitWarner Bros. Studios, where most of the Harry Pottermovies were filmed. Step into No. 4 Privet Drive, theGreat Hall, DumbledoreÄŹĹĽËťs office, and Diagon Alley,and view props from the films such as HarryÄŹĹĽËťs Nimbus2000 and HagridÄŹĹĽËťs motorcycle. Allow a whole day tomake the most of your visit.

Boat ride along the Thames

LondonÄŹĹĽËťs history is inextricably linked to the greatRiver Thames, and a riverboat cruise is one of themost relaxing ways to see the cityÄŹĹĽËťs famous landmarks.The boats have enclosed seating, so you can enjoy thisexperience even if the English weather is living upto its rainy reputation. From Westminster Pier, CityCruises and Thames River Services run east as faras Greenwich, passing the Houses of Parliament, theLondon Eye, St PaulÄŹĹĽËťs Cathedral, Tate Modern, theTower of London, and Tower Bridge.

Natural History Museum

If your kids have seen the Paddington Bear movie,theyÄŹĹĽËťll be familiar with the inside of this magnificentGothic building. As you enter, youÄŹĹĽËťll be greeted by ahuge blue whale skeleton in a dramatic diving posture.For other giant creatures, head to the DinosaursGallery to see an animatronic T-Rex as well asfascinating fossils. The Mineral Gallery is a treasuretrove in every sense, especially the Aurora Collectionwhich has around 300 coloured diamonds. One of themost intriguing sections is the Treasures exhibition,which presents an array of random objects, from achunk of moon rock to a dodo skeleton, each with itsown story.

St JamesÄŹĹĽËťs Park

If the weatherÄŹĹĽËťs nice, take a break from museumsand sightseeing and visit St JamesÄŹĹĽËťs Park which issurrounded by no fewer than three royal palaces. Thepark is home to several pelicans, as well as ducks andother birds, and, if you visit from 2:30-3pm, you canwatch the pelicans being fed. The park also has achildrenÄŹĹĽËťs playground plus nearby attractions such asthe daily Changing of the Guard ceremony.


Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

This childrenÄŹĹĽËťs wonderland, in Kensington Gardens,was built in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales andher deep love of children. The design is inspired by thetales of Peter Pan and has a pirate galleon, a wigwam camp and treehouse encampment. Be warned that itÄŹĹĽËťsunderstandably popular and officials limit the numberof people who can be in the playground at once, butitÄŹĹĽËťs worth a wait.

London Dungeon

Experience the darker side of London at this popularattraction, which brings to life some of the nastiestepisodes in the cityÄŹĹĽËťs history. Being scary is the wholepoint, so itÄŹĹĽËťs not for young kids or the faint-hearted.

But, if youÄŹĹĽËťre brave enough, itÄŹĹĽËťs full of fun and thrills.You can take a boat ride to TraitorÄŹĹĽËťs Gate, visit thetorture chamber, get involved in the Gunpowder Plotand meet murderous characters like Sweeney Todd,the barber, and Jack the Ripper.

Treats for sports fans

Football fans in the family will love to take a behind-the-scenes tour of one or more of LondonÄŹĹĽËťs greatfootball stadiums. Popular tours are available atWembley Stadium (home of the England team), andthe Arsenal and Chelsea football grounds. YouÄŹĹĽËťllsee the dressing rooms, playersÄŹĹĽËť tunnels, and pressrooms. Some tours give access to the DirectorsÄŹĹĽËť Box orManagersÄŹĹĽËť Benches. There will be interactive displays,memorabilia galore, and plenty of opportunities to relivekey moments in the history of the Beautiful Game

Madame Tussauds, London

Older kids love this famous attraction. Even if youdonÄŹĹĽËťt get to A-list parties, you can be photographedwith the celebrity crowd. YouÄŹĹĽËťll meet the British RoyalFamily, pop stars (Jimi Hendrix to Lady Gaga to OneDirection), Olympic athletes (Usain Bolt, Mo Farah,Serena Williams), Hollywood movie stars, and manymore famous people past and present. There are15 interactive areas and a ride at the very end thatÄŹĹĽËťssuitable for children over six. It is best to arrive atopening time, as there are queues later in the day.