5 couple activities you need to try with your partner on your honeymoon to Saudi Arabia

Happy wedding season to all! It’s time for all you newlyweds to explore inspiring adventures on your honeymoon. If you and your partner like to venture out often, then this is your chance to make long-lasting memories with your better half in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You both should indulge in outdoor excursions like scuba diving and hiking for a fun filled romantic holiday that celebrates your love for each other. If you and your partner are the type that love out of the box kind of escapades, you’ve come to the right place! Our Travel Tours holiday experts have curated a list of exciting couple activities you need to try with your partner:


1. Deep diving off the coast of Yanbu

Delve into the depths of the coral reefs of the red sea as you explore the beauty of majestic underwater treasures. Admire the marine biodiversity stretched out around the Seven Sisters coral reef chain where you are likely to spot hammerhead sharks. Connected to the Seven Sisters, is also the Abu Galawa reef where you will get to learn interesting facts about the colorful corals.


2. Adventure trail in AlUla

AlUla offers a plethora of adventure activities that you can pick from. You can gear up for a cycling trail with your companion where you get to witness the picturesque landscapes of AlUla or you can treat each other to a mesmerizing stargazing, An Arabian styled date night experience that is accompanied with a traditional Bedouin set-up as you are guided with information about stars are constellations and their connection to AlUla’s culture.


3. Desert Safari trip in Jeddah

The vast desert has a list of spontaneous activities to tick from your travel bucket list. Buckle up to devote a whole day out to participate in thrilling desert adventures dune bashing, rock climbing and sand skiing! Ride your way together into the sandy desert with an ATV quad bike for an unforgettable experience.


4. Capture the aesthetic spirit of Al Muftaha Village

Discover the true essence of art at the colourful village of Al Muftaha. As you stroll through the artsy lanes, you can check out the traditional mud houses. The Traditional Tuesday market is where you can go on a shopping spree together with your partner to purchase quirky handicrafts, local delicacies, spices and much more. This village has a unique vibe that is glorified with the 150-year-old Al Muftaha archeological museum that features work done by local artists and photographers.


5. Exploring Taif city

Hit the road to discover more about the mysterious Taif city. Stroll through rose farms for a wonderful sightseeing experience which is combined with lots of shopping from popular fruit markets; there’s much more to the city of roses than meets the eye! To the adventure junkie couples, make sure to try out the zip lining activity that is located close to the Hada mountain. Observe the historical importance of the fragrant city as you roam around in the museums.

These are without a doubt some of our favourite adventure activities that you must try with your soulmate on your honeymoon to Saudi Arabia!