5 exciting desert experiences in AlUla you cannot miss!

Embrace a journey through time at AlUla as you dig into the historic roots of the remarkable sandscapes that will leave you spellbound. This hidden gem in the Kingdom of Saudi is the perfect destination for planning an exciting getaway into the depths of the ancient city. When in AlUla, be sure to explore these mind-blowing desert experiences recommended by our Travel Tours experts.


1. Stargazing in AlUla

Prepare yourself to get amused by the beauty of a starry night sky amidst the desert as you join the bonfire gathering to enjoy a traditional Bedouin style dinner on your stargazing experience at AlUla.


2. Ziplining at Winter Park

Adventure enthusiasts be prepared to get thrilled by a refreshing Ziplining experience at Winter Park where you can catch a glimpse of the fascinating views of the surrounding mountains in AlUla.


3. Visit the World Heritage site at Hegra

Discover the remains of the famous Mada’in Saleh which was first Saudi Arabian archaeological site that carved its way to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Prepare for an Arabian Leopard trail excursion and learn about the secrets of the monumental tombs of the second richest Nabatean city.


4. Back in time at Dadan and Jabal Ikmah

AlUla is home to many heritage sites including Dadan and Jabal Ikmah which will take you through an era of civilization you’ve probably never heard of. Admire the ancient writings and inscriptions of this amusing open-air library.


5. Explore AlUla's old town

Get inspired by the creative stories of cross-cultures that have been a strong influence on the artists. Shop at AlUla’s old town market where a variety of retail stores feature local artisans, handicraft, cafes and much more.

AlUla is the perfect getaway for families with kids, couples, or group of friends. If you’re looking forward to such exciting experiences too, get in touch with our Travel Tours holiday expert to book your spot now!